QR-code concepts

On this school project we worked for More Mobile Relations. More Mobile Relations is an agency focusing on delivering creative mobile concepts for businesses. They work with many big clients, including Telia. Telia is not only the largest telecom operator in Sweden, but they also sponsor lots of events. They are the main sponsor of the music festival Way out West - one of Swedens most popular festivals held in Gothenburg. For this years festival, Telia wanted to strengthen their brand in the field of social media and also create something useful and relevant for the people attending Way out West.

More Mobile Relations found qr-codes to be the solution for Telia. They wanted to make the qr-codes a natural part of the festival experience - creating a bridge between the analog and digital worlds. We worked together with More Mobile Relations to create the smartest, funniest and most useful qr-codes possible for the event. The end result was 30 unique concepts for qr-codes delivered to More Mobile Realtions.

In this project I was Project Manager, and I also worked on the concepting and on developing the concepts. I worked together with Christoffer Lorang Dahl, Niclas Gelin, Richard Hedberg and Rikard Georgii.

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