You can now buy my prints at Artflakes.

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New illustration

New illustration in my portfolio.

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Just published a new project in my portfolio. This is actually a project from last semester at Hyper Island. Our client was More Mobile Relations, and we got to work with qr-codes, which was very exiting! Check it out here.

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Uploaded some new illustrations today in my portfolio.

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New illustration

New illustration in my portfolio.

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Final Project Part 1

Now we’re moving into the final parts of our education – exiting and scary at the same time! We’ve got a final project divided into two different parts now, and then the internship in November. Crazy how time flies!

Our group got a really exiting client for the first part of this module. ( 7 weeks ) We’re going to work for Non-Violence with their project One Billion Faces for Peace. We are very exited and it feels amazing to get the chance to try to make the world a better place rather than just make a fancy logo.

Here’s a link to our blog – where we’ll share our 7 week journey with the great internetz.

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This is a new project that I made with my friend Stina Runesson. She took the photographs and I added my illustration afterwards.

Check it out in my portfolio here.

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This weeks theme was food, and this is what I made.

Really like to do something different, so I think I’m going to start practising this type of illustration a bit more.

Check them out here.

I have also started a new exiting colaboration with my friend Stina Runesson.

Stay posted!

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This is actually a school project from last semester that I didn’t have the time to finish then. It is my first attempt to do web design totally by myself, and I think the result turned out well!

This was an assignment in school that was about redesigning a web site that you thought needed some freshening up. I chose to work with one of Swedens largest recipe sites – . The site has a lot of good content and is linked with popular TV shows and famous chefs, and they also clearly have an ambition to position themselves in social medias such as Facebook and Twitter. The problem I found was that the content wasn’t organized and the over all impression is overwhelming and cluttered.

I chose to work out a structure for the site, where I collected a lot of the content in a menu below the header to avoid a lot scrolling and to put the focus on images instead of lists and texts. I kept the social media in the side columns to put focus on the interaction with the reader, and used one of the yellow colors from the original site as an accent color to keep the familiar feeling. I did a lot of research before starting to design the site, and the things that I found out was that the target group wanted a simple and clean site where they quickly could find what they were looking for and that they wanted the focus to be on the images. When designing I also took a lot of inspiration from different food blogs.

This project was only for my personal learning and is not connected to the real

You can view the site I was redesigning here.

All the photographs that I have used are taken by blogger Clara Lidström of UnderbaraClara.

View the project in my portfolio here.

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